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Where can I see or purchase your products besides this website?


You can also purchase my jewelry at one of the craft shows listed under the SHOWS tab or from one of the Galleries where my work is featured under the GALLERIES tab. 

Are the beach stone earrings heavy?

Beach stones are generally made of sedimentary rock which is not as dense as harder rocks like granite. 99% of the people who wear my work are surprised by how light they are. They weigh less than the U.S. quarter If you have sensitive ear lobes you may want to try them out at one of my GALLERIES first.


I have allergies, what materials do you use?

All of the metal in my work is sterling silver including earring wires, chains, bezels and more. I use Greek leather cord and glass beads for adjustable pendants.

Free Shipping

We're happy to provide Free Shipping within the United States. International Shipping is calculated based on the least expensive way to ship the product.


Privacy Policy


We do not share your information with anyone without your permission. 

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